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Friends of Osho

Hi, this page is designed to help you find other Sannyasins and Friends of Osho.  It is out of date and not really maintained, so good luck ...

Mailing Lists

The main channel are the mailing lists, of which there are a growing number.
sannyas-announce A moderated, low-volume list with just news and announcements
LivingOsho A group for lovers of Osho who have matured enough to take some responsibility for their lives, acknowledging that as the indispensible flip side of freedom. It is a moderated group, but mainly for the purpose of keeping out people who cannot take responsibility. (one of the successors to the original sannyas-list)
Sannyas-List-New This forum for disciples and friends of Osho is sometimes a cafe, sometimes a temple and sometimes a debating club. All who are interested in experiencing Meditation and Osho are welcome. (one of the successors to the original sannyas-list)
sannyas-centers A place for center leaders, and other people involved with taking Osho's vision to the world - for example by running meditations, or producing a newsletter or whatever. This is seperated out, so that these people don't have to sort through all the chit-chat on the main list.
sannyas-tech Here is where to ask questions of a technical nature, so as not to bore the rest of the list. Most of us with some technical skills hang out here, and - no guarrantees - but often one of us can help you out.
sannyas-en Sannyas-en is a gentle space where people can share, knowing their views will be respected.
osho_zen_tarot This list is to discuss the imagery of the Osho-Zen Tarot. It is not a free reading list. Please be respectful of others and keep off topic chat to a minimum. I am not an expert on the Osho-Zen deck, nor do I know alot about Zen philosophy. But if that doesn't scare you off, then hop aboard. We'll learn it together.
sannyasQ This is a list for gay and lesbian sannyasins, people who are or have been involved with Osho, Tyohar, Gangaji, Shantimayi, or any spiritual group in this general scene where it may not always be easy to be open/meet others.
zenroom The zenroom, a place for the posting of pictures of Osho to share with each other and the world.
humaniversity-friends Friends of the Humaniversity. The Humaniversity is a University for Human Authenticity and Friendship set up by some friends of Osho. The Humaniversity Friends list is an open discussion list for people who have had contact with the Humaniversity or who would like to. The suggestion is that the list be used to develop friendships; to contact long lost friends; to discuss present or past experiences at the Humaniversity; and to enquire from others who have gone before what might be expected there. The Humaniversity Friends mailing list is not owned, administered or supported by the Humaniversity."
Heartwalk "The heart pulsating in love becomes a flute on the lips of God, and a song is born." ~ Osho HeartWalk is a space devoted to songs sung thru the Silence.....thru the Emptiness.....thru the deepest Heart of Man... songs which strike the chord at the heart of us all ........until only one Heart remains.

Regional and Language lists

Language Where    
English West Australia OshoWestAustralia A medium for Osho Sannyasins in West Australia to communicate and inform each other of events, workshops, meditations, celebrations, parties and other relevant information.
English USA -Mass. oshoinmass Events and discussions about the teachings of Osho. Meetings will take place at various locations in Eastern Massachusetts.
German osho-de osho-de ist eine deutschsprachige Mailingliste in der Zitate und Geschichten von Osho ausgetauscht werden. Es ist keine Diskussionsliste.Einfach nur  Inspirationen durch Oshos Worte.
munich-sannyas-list A list in English and German
German   Cologne Sannyas list
German & English Munich munich-sannyas-list A medium for Osho Sannyasins in and around Munich to communicate and inform each other of events, workshops, meditations, celebrations, parties and other relevant informations. Language English/German. Ein Forum für Osho Sannyasins in und um München allgemeine communikation, gegenseitige Informationen über Events Celebrations, Workshops, Meditationen, Parties und so weiter. deutsch/english
Spanish sannyas-spanish General chat list (like sannyas-list) in spanish.
Portugese Brazil osho-br Vida, discursos e meditações de Osho
Czech sannyas-cz Cesky mail-list nejen pro Osho sanjasiny
English India oshoindia This is a forum for Osho Followers in India to express their opinion and organise meetings
Turkish Turkey osho-severler tum Osho sevenler, veya onu tanimasa da kendisini daha iyi tanimak isteyen tum insanlarin birseyler bulabileceði bir paylasma ortami
Polish (Occasional English Possible) Poland osho-pl Lista dyskusyjna o Osho i medytacji.
Romanian Romania osho_romania

Bine ati venit la Osho Romania.Acesta e locul de intalnire al indragostitilor de Osho din Romania. Nu exista restrictii, nu exista moderator, puteti face orice vreti. E doar un loc de intalnire. Daca acest grup va ajuta sa contactati si sa comunicati cu alti meditatori din Romania, foarte bine. Sunteti bineveniti.

and .. about 300 Pictures of Osho - you can access them by joining the group and clicking Photos on the left side of the screen.

To unsubscribe from any of these, sign into egroups, look for the list of communities, and select Unsubscribe from the pull-down list on the right, and click Update. Note that you can also stay part of the community, but turn off mail, or switch to Digest etc by going to the same menu.

Social Networking

There are a family of web sites called "Social Networks", that are great for connecting people together. and Orkut both have Osho groups.

Viha Connection

For those who prefer something on paper, there is one magazine that provides a channel by sannyasins, to sannyasins about the issues that concern them most, that's the Viha Connection. Its created a forum for dialogue that is not afraid to be controversial, or to tackle the taboo subjects. See their web page for more information. 

Sending mail to Pune

The following mailboxes can be addressed via the Internet.
Commune Information
Osho Multiversity Program Information
Press Office
Sannyas enquiries
Global Connections

In the subject line, put the name of the person you wish to receive this message.

Sending mail to visitors to Pune

It is also possible to send messages to anybody staying in the resort, send them to - these messages will be delivered just like faxes. Send messages, include some more details in the subject line like "Susie from Miami". 

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