Medina - where are we now

This page gathers information on people who lived at, or were associated with Medina.

Note - I use international phone numbers, '+' means dial the international code, for example 011 from the US or 00 from Britain. Usually if you are in the country, then just dial the long-distance code, e.g. 0 in Britain or 1 in the US.

Most of this information came from other people who were at Medina, and not from the person themselves, also its been gathered over several years, starting 1995, so much of it may be innaccurate or out of date.

You can send any info I'm missing, corrections etc to me, Mitra <>

If you are looking for up to date information on the Medina kids try Rupda's page at

Changes last 12 months or so

Then: Sent to Munich
Now: Often in Pune, 5/97

Uttlerost, Poundsgate, Devon TQ137PS +44-1304-631252
mother: Unmani (at this address)

Then: One-year therapist course

Then: Kid
Now: She died in 97. After a long battle with drugs which she had got off. 6/97
Left their Body
brother: John sister: Marrianne father: Samayo (design)

Then: Construction
Now: Construction - has a 12 (?) year old. 6/97
10 Diane Lane, Larkspur, Marin, CA +1(415)927-3765

Then: Construction
Now: doing Cranio-sacral, reflexology 11/95 Pictures: 2
Boulder +1-303-443-1666

Now: Organizes the Green Events publication for the west of england. , with Abhilasha 5/02
8 Lake View Drive, Holly Park, Plymouth, PLJ 4J2 +44-1752-772974 (bounces 9/10)

Adam (Paritosh & Chinmaya's son)
see Nirman

see Ishta

Sw Prem Agama
Now: Bodyworker, in Tuscany since ~92 06/02
56040 Montecatini Val di Cecina - Pisa, Italia +39-0588-30378 or mobile +39-347 0334 631 (bouncing 9/10)

Then: Computers , with Shakura (married)
Now: User interface work, , still with Premen (married). 9/05
25 Marshfield Rd, Chippenham, Wilts +44-1249-655845

Then: Visitor
Now: Has a daughter (1987) 5/03

Then: Ran Medina with Chandan at the end.
Now:, still with Irish Neeraj;
(5/97) Was with Labyrinth, now caring for Neeraj since his fall. & (12/07 pravira), still with Neeraj
daughter: Asha

Then: Kid at medina,
Working as a Nanny (12/04 sorrel)
sister: Sorrel mother: Puja father: Amrito

Now: Into Avatar; Living at the Wilsons Creek community in the rainforest in Australia. 8/97
Wilsons Creek, (nr Byron Bay), Australia

Then: Kitchen and Baking
Now:, with Married to Shunyo with a baby (3?) 11/95
219 Monte Vista, Larkspur, (Marin), CA +1(415)927-2730

Alok John
Then: Visitor not a sannyasin
(10/07) Contributed a chapter to Morven Fyfe's (Ma Lola from Glasgow) book about childhood abuse entitled 'Survivors' Stories' now available on Also writing slowly a screenplay for a feature film, The Orange Buddha, about Osho's life and work.
139 Station Road, Hendon, London NW4 4NJ +44-20-8202-6048

Then: Electronics repair
Now: Was repair person for Music dept in Pune
Bristol ?

Amara (was Nirupama)
Then: Construction, architect, design;
Now: On a world tour till mid 2003 5/03 ; SouthAmerica
34 Brecknock Rd, London N7 0DD; +44-171-609-6074;
son: Harley; daughter: Mudita (Muds, now Amy)

Now: Was at Osho Leela, Often in Pune, involved with the actors. ; At Osho Buddhafield 06/01
Osho Life Academy, Croydon Hall, Minehead, Somerset TA24 6QT (U.K.) +44-1984-642200 fax +44-1984-640052

Then: Frequent Visitor
Now: Handyman / Carpenter
Byron Bay, Australia 02-6684-7086 ; 0418-600-576

Now:, with Punya 03/07 amiten
Glasgow +44-141-357-2482 ; +44-7817-767-690

Amrit (now Peter)
Then: Came to Medina from Gourishanker RMC (Edinburgh)
Glasgow, Scotland

Amrito (Ma Shanti)
Then: on the ranch for a long time (known as Squeaky)
I’ve been married to Marty Cross since 9/23/01 and still excessively happy. Teaching yoga, doing healing massage, teaching intuition development/meditation classes, doing intuitive spiritual consulting by phone.  Living at Lake Tahoe. Loving life. (1/07)
PO Box 13058, South Lake Tahoe, CA 96151 +1-530-318-2693
brother: Mike & Mansoor sister: Nirav/Rosalind mother: Sunderprem father: Robin

Sw Amrito (now Derek Hawkins)
Then: Design studio, , with Nirav
Working as a full time Astrologer (Sorrel, 12/04) & Left his body only 8 weeks after diagnosis with cancer 7/13
Derek Hawkins, London
daughter: Sorrel & Alice

Amrito (Ma)
Then: Healing Center reception
Now: Often healing center reception in Pune 8/97
c/o Sw. Pramad, 12 Reina St, North Bondi, Sydney, NSW 2026 +61-02-365-2203 (fax sydney 304217)

Then: Musician and Computers 1/04
was married to Varta. Still playing music. (4/02) & Living near Cambridge, with his friend Mary plays folk music, made two CDs and started a ceilidh band (anupam 12/03)
England/Cambridge +44-1638-720444 home; +44-1223-713326 work +44-7976-263827 mobile

Sw Prem Anang
Then: Lived in Medina School from 1984-1985. Also in Osho's comune Byenland in Munich, with his brothers and mother.
Now: Art Director / Web designer 08/03
Rua Moura Brasil, 58 apto. 101, Laranjeiras , Rio de Janeiro RJ 22231-200 , Brazil +55-21 553-1553 fax +55-21-551-2345 (bouncing 9/05) ; (bouncing 9/10)^1384
brother: Majid & Neelesh mother: Ma Satyam Zina.

see Durga

Then: ran Accounts , with Diana Pictures: 2
Now: Died of Leukemia at Medina
Left their Body

Then: Leading groups and singing Pictures: 2 10/96

Then: Design studio & Brandon
Now: Making Pottery , with Nivedan (married)
Grays, Essex

Anjelica Baier
Now:, with David Wallace (Ghaffar) 5/02

Then: Dance and Aerobics teacher
Now: Went to Carmel after the ranch, doing well with Pottery
Carmel (Danish Niti might know)

Anatta (Deva)
Then: I spent alot of time in Medina between '83 - '85 but actually lived in London.
4/11 Living in Perth West Australia doing Bodywork.

Anubhava (now John)
Then: Construction
Now: Decorating Company 5/03

11/11: I've been teaching at Ko-Hsuan school in 1990. After that I moved between Holland and Pune. Since 7 years Svatmo and I are living most of our time in the hills of toscany near Bagni di Lucca. Giving massages and creating mosaics.

Then: His darshan
brother: Chitten

Then: Construction 11/05
Was at Ko Hsuan teaching & Left his body Nov 05 after being sick for a while
Left their Body

Then: Body worker 6/97
10/04: based in Milano teaching bodywork,groups....enjoying the journey. Pictures: 2 3
Italy/milano ; (bouncing 9/10)
brother: Ben & Nirman mother: Paritosh father: Chinmaya

Then: Ko-Hsuan 6/97
23 Cumnor Rise Rd, Oxford, OX4 1PE +44-1865-865-862633

see Tanner

Prem Anupam
Then: laundry, accounting
Left her body 23 July 2012. She was found unconscious in her apartment and died later at the hospital, she'd had a long fight with alcoholism.
Boulder, CO^38

Anand Anupam
Then: Secretary
3/11: Have been living in Boulder, Colorado since the Ranch. I travel to England periodically to see my family and friends. Still love to connect with sannyasins, and love our community here in Boulder.
Boulder, CO +1-720-984-7498

Yoga Anurag
Now: Massage Therapist

Anuraga, now Nina
Then: Cleaner and printshop in Brandon
Now: living in The Hague Pictures: 2
Hague +31-6-20015570 mobile (bouncing 9/10)

Anuragini (now Janet)
Then: Construction
9/05: As I am in the terminal phase of Lymphoma, I would like to say goodbye and love to all the people I shared several years with in Medina. Gratitude to Osho whose words came to me when I heard his body had died "Find another Master!" and "Dead masters can't kick ass!". Now and for the last 8 or so years I am blessed to be with Mikaire under whose tutelage I have been wrought into a more human being! & Shannon 22/9/05: She died peacefully at midnight of the 22nd Sept. May her soul be free.
Left their Body
son: Shannon daughter:
Rebecca (was Arifa)

Then: Cleaning & later construction
Now: Nurse, married to american healer Rinzai. they live in Sedona/AZ/USA since 1995 and are affiliated to the osho academy there. They opened up a health food shop called "rinzai's market" 8/02

Then: Kid, living near Medina
Now: At art college studying ceramics, completed Surface Design training 5/03
brother: Satlok mother: Vandan

Then: Arrived with Anutosho but split up
Died 1991

Ma Yoga Aradhana
Then: Sewing room early Medina
3/07 in Brighton (from heeren & punya)
England/Brighton +44-1273-508-109

Ma Prem Archa
Then: At Medina for the first year, in the sewing room mainly
Now: Living in Brighton with Sw Sankirtan (a frequent Medina visitor) and their 14 year old daughter Megan. Now I have a business making miniatures for collectors with Sankirtan and my sister Ma Anand Yatri and her fella Sw. Vimlan (german). And also does massage. Opening a new center in Brighton - Osho Paradiso
England/Brighton +44-1273-607374

Arifa (now Rebecca)
Now: Spiritual teacher is Isaac Shapiro 10/10
7/04 a social worker with mentally ill and learning disabled, (from Anuragini/Janet)
48 Bennett Rd, Brighton BN2 5TL +44-1273-687726
brother: Shannon ( mother: Anuragini (now Janet)

Arpana David
Then: ex-BBC Cameraman
Now: BBC Cameraman, worked in Russia for a while and married Olga, a Russian, they have a son, Alexander. 6/97
65, Nelson Gardens, Hounslow, Middx. TW3 3UJ, England, +44-181 570 8704; mobile: 0860 827957 (bounces 9/10)^1352

Dhyan Arpano
Then: From washing dishes, to bar at body center, kids jouse, and all manner of odd jobs , with Nisheetha
Now: Living at the Sammasati commune in the rainforest in Australia, gardening, meditating, living simply.
P.O.Box 173, Mullumbimby, (nr Byron), NSW 2482, Australia

Artho (now Michael Gill)
Then: At medina from beginning
Now: Now live and work in Devon. I have a 1 year old baby girl (Rebecca) I have my own Computer Sales business working from home. , with Maya 3/03
1 Albert Place, Mandlin Rd, Totnes Devon TQ9 5TE; +44-1803-865-679

Now: Lives and works in Bristol 5/03
via Param
mother: Vimal father: Param

Then: Doctor
(98) Just about recovered from bad climbing accident a few years ago. & (12/07 pravira) Still with Samveta, in North Wales
Cefn Mensydd Isaf, Pentrefelin, Criccieth, Gwynedd, LL5 ORB, Wales
daughter: Samvida

Then: accounting , with Soni
Now: married to an Aussie and living in rural Australia, and about to be a father (Aug 97). 10/95 ; 8/97
Hobart, Tasmania

Asava (Ma)
Then: Healing Center

Now: Married with Teenage Son
Boston, MA

Then: Kid - 10ish;
Cranio-Sacral; Ibiza, Spain (97)
mother: Alankar

Ashik (was Deva Peter)
Then: Book distribution
Now: Living in the Colorado mountains, musician/producer of Dancing Lightly/Gypsy Soul , still with Nanda 9/05 Pictures: 2
Boulder, CO

Then: Commune Secretary , with Miten
Now: Was at Ko Hsuan for some years 5/03

Now: Working at the Steiner School 5/03
Byron, Australia

Then: Commune Dentist
Now:, still with John (Anubhava) 5/03
England/London +44-171-2817816

Atiraj (now Brian)
Then: Had a kid with Rajhansa unclear if they actually lived at Medina
London +44-171-263-5877 (Julia +44-171-700 2356)

Veet Ateet
Then: Austrian, photographer Pictures: 2
9/10: I am living in munich, germany, have little graphic-design studio and design mainly esoteric+spiritual-bookcovers and osho-books for big german publisher. As my beloved hella lives in hamburg i am more and more there and inbetween in the fast ICE-train. meditation, awareness and love are becoming more and more important in this mad+materialistic world and my gratefullness for osho is growing every day. we are looking for a community to live with loving and aware people who want to find new and more human ways to live, work and meditate together. Pictures: 2 3 4 5 6

Amsterdam +31-20-6937698

9/05 I am living in Edmonton, Ca now with my new teacher. My life here is intense tender highlighted in realness and truth.

Then: Lived at Crossways, around the corner from Medina Pictures: 2
11/11 I am now living in Isleham , near Ely, with my wife Nirja, having retired from teaching a few years ago. I keep bees and do Morris dancing and enjoy an allotment and the country life. Still wearing a mala.
England +44-1638-780023

Shantam Bayari
Then: (long blond wavy hair)
Miracles Bookstore 7/96 & Miracles Bookstore; Lyme Regis; Osho Tao Munich; Australia & In 2014 moved backed to Devon, UK

Then: Early days of medina, built sauna
Now: Was at Gondwana for about 10 year, now in New Zealand
New Zealand

Ben 10/95
Died of AIDS
brother: Nirman & Anugyan mother: Paritosh father: Chinmaya

Bhadra (now Liz)
Then: Worked in press office/design studio for 1st year of Medina
Now: Runs a literary agency in London and also writes on spirituality and personal development , with Chaitanya / Robin (Married)
11/2015 I'm writing a book-blog "Voyages of the Solar Boat Club". It's not an Osho book but is an afterlife allegory inspired by his vision.

Bhagwatam (now Matthew Dennis)
Then: At medina for nearly 3 years from about 9 to 11.
mother: Sarjano (Elizibeth Denis)

Then: Accounts and Newspaper , with Shakura

Bhajan ( Ma)
Then: early medina , with Shantideva
Now: I heard she was in San Diego, but am told this was another Bhajan

Then: Cooking, Healing Center, Dancing
Now: Spotted at a Rave - still dancing; Going to Italy in August to be in small communes in Tuscany 6/97
23 Fortismere Road, Muswell Hill, London; +44-181-883-1387 Lives with Prabuddho, Penny

Then: ran an Osho meditation centre in Birmingham , with Saten until he died from Leukemia

Then: cooking , with Bodhigito
Now: Went to art school; now a bodyworker 10/95
33 Forest Close, Canterbury, Kent; +44-1227-772423

Now: Staff at Osho Leela 6/97
The Leela Centre, Thorngrove House, Common Mead Lane, Gillingham, Dorset, SP8 4RE; +44-1747-821-221>

Then: I lived in poona and medina for ages...
Now: I'm working as a Software Architect at eConvergent, Inc. in Longmont, CO. 5/02
3887 Paseo del Prado,^91
mother: Vandana source: Vandana

West Ireland
daughter: Manda

Bodhisattva (Tony Parsons)
Then: Construction (older sw)
Now:, with Clare 10/95
has been awake for years and holding meetings in London, written two very good books (from Anuragini 8/04)
Laural Cottage, Watery Lane, Donhead St Mary, Dorset SP7 +44-173-681008 (or maybe -081008)

Bodhimitra / Malcolm
Then: Accounts and Security
Now:, with Prathiba 5/97
90 Churchfield Drive, Tangmere, Chichester PO20 6GB +44-1243-781341

Then: Buyer, Transport etc; , with Bhavia
Now: Ran a computer cleaning business in London, hypnotherapy training, then in Canary Isles 10/95
Germany, ask Mike

Buddhen / Martin Jones
Then: in the Kitchen.
12/10 For a long time I taught Tai Chi and practised Cranio Sacral Therapy. Since 2002 I having been developing and teaching a Breathing system, It's called Holographic Breathing and you can learn from free audio downloads at
Woban Sands UK +44-7795 810485

c/o Suryodaya (a center in East Anglia)

Chaitanya (Robin Puttick)
Then: Worked in Sun Services as plumber and electrician in 1982 during home visits from the ranch.
Now: Gave up working in "the trades" in 1987, and has been in I.T. since , with Bhadra/Liz (married)

Chaitanyo Sunder
Then: Doctor and one-year course
Now: Norwegian center Leader

Then: About 10, Finished school at Ko Hsuan, then taught there.
Now: Successfull professional photographer , with Indian girlfriend. 5/03 ; 02
Father of son Pyaar
2 Bagland Hill, Copplestone, Devon EX17 5NT +44-1363-84998 (old); ; (bouncing 9/10);
mother: Prabhat

Then: Coordinated transport, and then Medina, coordinated truck farm at the end of the ranch Pictures: 2
Now: Living in a quiet country house. Gisela is painting amazing water colors, and pieces of wood, Chandan sells them. , still with Gisela 6/97
4 Brigmerston House, Durrington Salisbury, England; +44-1980-654537;

Now: Was doing Cranio-Sacral work, qualified as an osteopath/naturopath 6/01
Tasmania, Australia (bounces)

England +44-131-558-1534

Sw Chandrama
c/o Kidston Hill, Pebbles, Scotland +44-1747-828391 (same phone different country as Dwara?)

Then: Construction
Now:, with Sudas (who ran the boutique on the ranch); 6/08


Then: Gardner, and pond-architect, married to Paritosh
Now: Died early in 95 from cancer. 10/95
Left their Body
son: Anugyan & Ben & Nirman

Then: One year training , with Jayen

Chitten (now Robert)
Then: Carpentry and fine woodwork , with Jyoti
47 Shelley Drive, Byron Bay, NSW, Australia +61-2-6680-7270
brother: Anugit

Then: Accounts
Now: Doing menus for Zorba kitchen in Pune

Chloe (now Geetu)
Then: Kid
I'm in the U.K I have 2 kids Ellie (6)B and Aisha(2). I'm a full time Home Educating Mum (2/04) Pictures: 2
mother: Navajata father: Nagara

Yoga Bowers (was Yoga Christopher)
Then: IBM
12/2019 left his body on xmas day.
England/Surrey facebook Yoga Bowers

Clive and Lucy
Ashburton +44-1284-643445

Then: Married to Su, design studio, Healing Center
Now: Running Sangamitra, a restaurant near AB farms in Pune; into Papaji 10/96

Dadu (now Phil)
Then: Accounts
Now: Was a pilot for a long time, now an Environmental Health Inspector in Fairfax, Marin and into Andrew Cohen 94
Fairfax, Marin, CA (415)456-9481 995-4627 voicemail

Diva (now Mark Itzler)
Then:, with Lia
3/11 from Sama, lives in London and has two sons
mother: Leela father: Neeraj (S.African)

David Wallace (was Ghaffar)
Then: Base player - construction etc , with Shakura
Now: Dropped and left commune around Shakura's deconditioning , with Anjelica (Italian) 5/02
2 Harnham Rd, Salisbury, Wilts, SP2 8J9; +44-1722-711246

Now: Involved with M.O.L. , with Saul (married with two kids) 5/03
Mullumbimby, NSW, Australia
mother: Irish Mukta father: Yogananda

Deepa (now Dipa)
Then: Kid - 10ish;
Now: Travel Agent 10/95
mother: Divia

Then: Audio and Video;
Now:, still with Savita
London? +44-1233-642273

Then: Healing Center and ran the Body Centre
Now: Deeva still lives at Bondi Beach, Sydney. She pays for it by working as a Training Coordinator in the corporate world.
Sydney, Australia

Then: small naughty lovable boy (according to Garimo :-)
Now: Grown up, steady girlfriend, drummer
Perth, Australia
brother: Govindo mother: Sindhu (Australian)

Deva Priya
Then: Accounts ?,
Now:, still with Mandiro (married)
8/04 recently moved to Spain (majid)
son: Majid daughter: Majida

Devadasi (now Rika)
Then: Tai Chi teacher; , with Makarand Pictures: 2
Now: married; 6/97
24/26 Nottingham House, Shorts Gdns, London, NC2H 9AY; +44-171-382-8072

Devam Peter
Then: Construction / Electrics
Now: Computing/analysing/programming mainly in Paradox/Delphi & FoxPro
Mevlana Commune, Amsterdam; +31-20-6755107 room=6756744^147

Then: RSI in London, Went to Cologne (Osho Verlag), not there now.

Now: Post Ko Hsuan, living in Europe

Then: Went to Oregon early , with Nirosh
son: Sugeet

Dharma Georgette
Then: She worked for many years as a healing therapist in London She also went to Oregon for a time. I think one of these photos of her is when she was Rajneeshpuram. They other was taken a few years later but it shows her face better.
3/18: is now retired.

Then: Was at Ko Hsuan
3/11: He left his body (lung cancer). Osho News story

Dharmen (now Brian)
6/97: Driving a mini cab in London, and doing graphics Co-founded Sannyas News with Parmatha and Paritosh. Left his body May 2017. Story on his body leaving
Left their Body

Then: Kids house
Now:, with Jim for ~5 years
140 Bayswater, E.Boston MA 02140 (617)567-1625

Then:, with Hamido ? & Rago/Sitara
Now: (was) Doing computer work (SQL client/server) and living in a caravan on some land he's bought. , with Priti 5/03
Mullumbimby, NSW, Australia +61-2-6684-5544; 5547; or 3944 fax +61-2-6684-3944

Dhyan (Alistair)
Then: Ran Construction , with Neera
Now: Construction company in Marin 5/02
Marin +1-415-9273947
son: Will

Then: Made a lot of money from a business selling xmas gifts for companies. Pictures: 2 4/08
97: Founded Osho Leela & 2008: Moving on from Osho Leela
England/Leela +44-1747-821-221

Diana (Ma Prem)
Then:, with Andrew, then Peregrine
(when?) part time at Kindred Spirit; Wrote a book called "Many Moons" under name "Diane Brueton" & (12/07 pravira) Still in same place in Devon and been with Chetan for years. & (3/12 peregrine) Let her body 14 March 2012 from cancer.
Left their Body

Now:, still with Someshvara 6/97

Then: tall , with older Dr Samarpan
Now: in Pune for ages, then Lucknow with Papaji; 95
now said to be in the Himalayas

Divia (now Lily)
Then: From Leeds;
3/07 hypnotherapist (from heeren)
Street, England
daughter: Deepa;

Then: Visitor , with Prabuddho for a while and Sargam
Left her body after a short illness 14th March 2012
Left their Body

Then: One year therapy course, Baker
Now: Still around Pune and London
India/Pune Location
brother: Martin

Durga (was Andrea)
Then:, with Samved
Oberm Kuempel 29, D-42477 Radevormwald, Germany +49-2195-7258

Ma Dwara
Now: Accupuncture practice 5/02
High View, Overway, Donhead St Andrew, Dorset +44-1747-828391 (same phone different country as Chandrama?)

Then: was in the Design studio, and then RSI
Now: was in Indonesia for a long time, , still with Neerava 9/96
Perth, Australia fax +61-8-314-2956

Geet (now Philip Gellhorn)
Then: Construction;
Now: With Mikaire, working with computers in Stroud 6/97
Stroud +44-1453-757295
brother: Sangeet;

Then: Healing center - Naturopath and Body Worker , with Prateek
Now: Hanging Loose, lives near Prateek 8/13
26 Windermere Rd , Babbacombe , Devon Devon +44-1803-327958
son: Thoren and Aaron (with Prateek);

Sw Deva Geetam
Then: Originally from the Netherlands - Poona 1 - Gourishankar RMC (Edinburgh) (4 months Rajneeshpuram from there). When smaller communes dissolved, moved to Medina. Then when Medina became the School, I was one of the first sannyassins to move to Germany: Wioska RMC in Cologne. I became homesick for Edinburgh, so I came back here in 1987 (and I am still here in 2020, still going by the name Geetam).
Happily retired IT professional, also a Cranio-Sacral Practitioner. Volunteering at the Salisbury Centre and Earthship Fife. 4/20
Scotland Location

Then: Laundry , with Udgar
Now: Living in Gondwana doing colourpuncture, has a second hand book business. 9/03
Gondwana, Lot 1, Prestons Lane, Tyagarah, (nr Byron), NSW 2481, Australia +61-2-66-847000
son: Nick, Diven daughter: Heather,

Then: Computing
Left her body Nov 2014
Left their Body

see David Wallace

Then: worked in computers and elsewhere, coordinated RBG at end of ranch
Now: Successful painter and sculptor , still with Chandan 6/97

Gitdharm (Now Mats E P Lindqvist)
Then: It was in -83, i think. I was with Nirupama, and worked as a handyman, and in the construction department.
8/09, Now, I am a politician, for the Green party, in the town-council of the city of Stockholm. My time in Medina was of great importance of my life.

Then: Singing
Now: Still Singing
11/05: Teaching music full time, Singing and arranging for 6 acapella choirs. MA choral education. CD out .runs acoustic club with Siggy in North London once a month.

Then: Kid Pictures: 2 3
brother: Devo mother: Sindhu (Australian)

Then: About 10ish.
Now: Married, lives in Devon or Cornwall 5/03
Father of Amelia
England +44-1363-776317 ;
brother: Champak mother: Prabhat

Kavya Gunjano
Then: Healing Center
8/09: I left Medina and went to Germany after Medina was converted into Rajneesh school, which was kind of a shock to me. Munich (therapy department of the Rajneesh centre there), therapy guest house in an old water mill in Niederbayern (Bavaria) and moved to Spain in 1998. I am selling horses here and running guest rooms B&B together with my husband Jan who is a diving instructor. 3 kids (88,89, 00)

Then: Came from Brighton, Construction, Sent to Germany
After some years in Gondwana married with family in Melbourne

Gyanodeya (now Michael)
Then: Construction , with Sarjano 5/02
Millteweg 126, 2000 Hamburg +49-40-44-2450

Now:, still with Robin 6/97
2 Bonemill Cottage, Qualford, Bridgenorth, Salop WV15 +44-1746-765868

Habiba (or Jean Blackall)
Then: Kitchen
Now: Was in Vancouver for a year; Now working with Rajen was at Ko Hsuan , with Madiru 6/97
England/Devon +44-17695-80759 hm; +44-176980899 wk (bouncing 9/10) ; (bouncing 9/10 over quota)

Antar Hafiz (now Hafiz Landell)
Then: I was at Medina for a few months at the end of 1983 (kitchen and construction), before being despatched to Freiburg, and a succession of adventures.

Ma Hadya
Then:, with Jonathon

Then: Kitchen? and Kalptaru , with Dhiraj
Now:, with Nishika 5/02
Orchard House, Chawleigh, Chulmleigh, Devon EX18 7HP; +44-1769-80237

Then: Kid 5/01
Back in UK after living in Hong Kong for a long time (01) & Jeweler (04)
34 Brecknock Rd, London N7 0DD +44-171-609-7074
sister: Mudita mother: Amara/Nirupama

Then: Kid
Now: Runs a nursery with her partner and has a baby (~2000) , with Robin
Stokers Siding, Byron Shire, Australia +61-266-771-514
mother: Geetesha

Then: Plumber
Was guarding the gate in Pune, 2/95, broke his leg in Pune 4/97 & 3/07 still plumbing
Wellington, Somerset +44-7787-597-537

Swedish (or Nowegian?)
Then: One year course,
Now: I did Osho bodywork in a private practice for 15 years with breaks in Pune. I started the Osho Meditation Center in downtown Oslo in Nov 93 and have been running my own book and music shop here in Oslo for two years, Zen Book & Music. The shop includes a wide selection of Osho books and meditations. I distribute all over the country and have theme events in the shop every other week with live music and silent meditations.

Ishta (was Adheera)
Then: Assisted Poonam
Now:, still with Prabodham / Tez; 10/98
Edinburgh, Scotland +44-131-557-9317 ?

Then: Used to play violin in the ceilidh band at Medina c. 1984.;Doing the dump run with Vachana. Cleaning crew with Tova (?) Waiter at Body Centre in Belsize Park. Then off to Dorfchen Rajneesh, Berlin.
5/2016: Teacher Aide at Te Huruhi Primary School, Waiheke Island, New Zealand. Pictures: 2
New Zealand

Then: Caretaker
Now: Six years Pune, computers, wrote for OTI, ran plumbing, acted, caught rats. Now doing hypnotherapy in Bristol, helping set up new Bristol center. , with Kamala 6/97
6 Woodland Terrace, Redland, Bristol BS66LR +44-1117-973-9742

Ma Anand Jagrutti
Then: A sannyasin from the Poona#1, Medina, and ranch days. 03/04
Working almost exclusively with the terminally ill and their families as a massage therapist supplying pain relief, energy work, flower essences and a good dose of laughter. (3/04)
617 Florence Avenue, Ft. Wayne, Indiana 46808 +1-260-373-2902^2264

Then: Tarot reader
Now: Published two tarot decks 5/03 Pictures: 2
maybe in New Zealand, or still travelling
daughter: Saoirse

Then: Actor, Organizer, Design studio
Now: Studying Russian history among other things
London +44-171-9373340

Then: visitor, played violin and viola in satsangs/music groups, , with Chitra
Now: German/English document translater;

Then: laundry
Osho Parimal, Gut Hubenthal 1, 37218, Witzenhausen, Germany +49-5542-5227 Lives with Archan

John (Pon) Pictures: 2
sister: Abighale & Marrianne father: Samayo

Then: Sun Printing
Now:, still with Hadya?

Then: Kids house , with Chitten Pictures: 2
Now:, with Vikas, two kids 6/97
see Vikas

In Nelson NZ;

Ma Anand Kalba (now Kalba Meadows)
Then: Visitor , with tyagi
Now: Owns restaurant in Cley, Norfolk 04/04



Now: Took music at, and now teaches at, Berklee school of music in Boston. 9/96
mother: Vanya

Then: Singer,
Now: Into a couple of gurus, can't remember who (the ones who are into no-emotions) 10/95
Totnes, Devon
sister: Parageet

Then: lived in Cambridge
Now: Sings with two bands in SF (Dance Hall Crashers, and Jezzabel); Both bands are fantastic, (I think DHC has a video that shows on MTV).
mother: Mano

Then: Bakery
Now: Works for Post Office , still with Ritama
7 Water Lane, Radwinter, England +44-179-959-9589 ; +44-179-959-9274 fax
son: Zaky daughter: Jaz & Heby & Thea

Chaitanya Keerti
Then: Books and Tapes, and then Osho Times Editor and then Press Office spokesman
Now: Leading rebel! Based at the Delhi Center. 10/96
New Delhi, India

Then: Healing Center
Now: successful Tai Chi teacher 6/97
13 Meat Close, Bushey, Herts, WD2 3DS +44-181-950-3561

Now: I am just finishing a Degree in Media Studies and Related Arts, at Chichester University, I like my mom am also now one of the sedona lot,a sannyasin now for 23 years (all my life) Living in chichester in sussex, but soon to be in London. My fav thing to do is to make video instalation art, and films. 4/02
Pratibha +44-7986020878 (mobile)
mother: Pratibha

Krishna Prabhu
Then:, with Pradeepa
Now: Was at Gondwana a few months

Then: Cooking, DJ in Cologne
94 was DJ at weekly event in Neals Yard, bought house in Couch End with lover and new baby,
Left their Body +44-181-341-6069

Then: lived in Cambridge
Now: Studying to be a chef in Northern California.
mother: Mano

Laura Doe (was Sumati)
Then: frequent visitor
Now: Publishing ; Had a son Avalon in 97 (picture) (picture) 8/97 Pictures: 2
122 Dingo Lane, Mullumbimby (?) nr Byron, Australia +61-2-66843141

Lia MayByrd (was Phulo)
Then:, with Diva
Now: In Marin, had a child
3/11: lives in Petaluma, is an artist and has a son, Max.
sister: Sama

Then: Healing Center; , with Neeraj (South African)
Now: 9/03: I have been living in London now for the last two years. I am currently writing a book on the Mystic Rose and its effects. I give individual counselling and body/energy session as well. I still occassionally run Mystic Rose Meditations around the world.
Australia/Byron +44-208-374-7259 (bouncing 9/10)
son: Diva

Leena (now Seersha O'Sullivan)
Then: Various work, including Chandan's assistant
11/13: Seersha O’Sullivan is a medicine woman and teacher with 30 years experience within the field of complementary therapy. She has recognised qualifications in shamanic healing, reflexology, reiki, Indian head massage, Bach flower remedies, teaching and counselling. Seersha began her training in 1982 while she was a disciple of Indian mystic Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (Osho), working in his ashrams. She learned Native American style drum making with Patrick Pinson of the Mingo tribe and trained in sweatlodge protocol and ceremonies with Ken Littlefish Durrant, medicine man of the Native American Church. Recently she studied with the Andean master shaman and mystic (Kurak Akulleq) Don Juan Núñez del Prado and has been initiated as a 4th level paqo. For the past seven years Seersha has worked with Eliana Harvey at the Shamanka School of Shamanism at Middle Piccadilly in Dorset. She lives with her husband Sw Svarupdas at Champlain's Well Great Mongeham Deal Kent
England/Kent +44-1304830502 ;

Then: Famous for wearing dark glasses; Books; used to tell fancy stories like "when I was smuggling elephants", then one day an old boyfriend tracked her down and she was so upset that her tracks weren't covered that she left.
Now: Last heard of as a Playboy bunny in London many years ago

Then: Art lecturer in Cambridge
Now: Running art groups in Germany and France with Somendra/Michael Barnett 6/97
47 Hove Park Villas, Brighton BN3 6HH +44-1273-771800

Then: One year course

Then: computers
Now:, with Ethel 03/04
19 years with software company in Cambridge UK, 18 years partner to Enid, now with teenage son, Michael, Since 2002 training with Michael Barnett (ex-Somendra) involving much travel to seminars throughout Europe. (03/04)
3 College Crescent, Haslingfield, Cambridge, England, +44-1223-371578 (bouncing 9/10)^26

Then: Healing Center

Mahavir (now Luke Ball)
Now:, with Nadja
Robins Cottage, Blackborough, Cullompton, Somerset EX15 2HH +44-1884-266592

Then: Rebalancer
Now: Still doing bodywork after a period as an architect. , with Francois (married) and with a 2 year old 6/97
130 Mono Ave, Fairfax, Marin; +1(415)454-3235

Then: Kid at medina, 5/03
11/11 Still living in Brighton, and still enjoying playing with computers.
England/London Location+44-1273 207-172 (Sw Prem Majid)^480
sister: Majida mother: Deva Priya (Accounts)'s

Then: Kid (10ish?), 5/03
brother: Majid mother: Deva Priya father: Deva Pragyan

Then: dancer, , with Devadasi Pictures: 2 6/97
Byron Bay, Australia

Mallika (was Eek)
Then: Kid - about 6,
Now: Lives and records with her partner in E. Sussex 5/03
mother: Trinda father: Prabodham

Then: led Tai Chi groups (maybe didn't live at Medina)
Now: at Harbin Hot Springs (just NE of San Francisco)

Living near Byron Bay

Then: Cup room Pictures: 2 6/97
21 Roseberry Rd, London N10 2LE +44-181-365-2392 (bounces 9/10)

Then: Precocious 14 year old
Now: Body work (I think)
6/08 in Santa Fe, web design and
Santa Fe
mother: Bodhipriya

Then: Construction
Now: Has own construction business , still with Deva Priya (married)
8/04 recently moved tospain (majid)

Then: Medium in Pune, only at Medina in the early days
Now: In Pune till 94, now helping dying sannyassins with their process. 3/07 from punya
Braedstrup, Denmark; +45-75752500, fax +45-75752660 ;

Then: Lived in Cambridge,
Now: Mano is doing bodywork; 6/97
Berkeley, CA +1(415)524-5966
son: Kuba daughter: Karina

Then: Kitchen

Mark (Carrot Top)
Now: Living at the Sammasati commune in the rainforest in Australia,
Byron Bay, Australia

Marrianne or Viragini
Then: Kid
Photographer and mum (2/04)
Canada (bouncing 9/10)
brother: John sister: Abighale father: Samayo

Then: Garage
Byron Bay, Australia

Then: Frequent visitor, guitarist
Now: Still doing music, in London ?

Then: Musician
Now: Was at Ko Hsuan for a long time, successful recording artist, tours US , Europe and Australia regularly. , with Deva Premal 5/03

Then: Sunderprem ; Kid, about 13, Construction
Now: was married briefly; working in construction. , with Rajni 6/97
32 Arundel Rd, Bath BA 1 +44-1225-463-042; mobile +44-7970-195-667
brother: Mansoor sister: Nirav/Rosalind & Amrito father: Robin

Then: Computer
97 Working on the creative edges between Community, Technology and Sustainability, especially currently making paper from Banana trees. & 2001 Living at the Gondwana community in Byron & 12/10 Working to solve technical challenges in bringing electricity to rural poor in developing countries Pictures: 2 3
Berkeley, California +1-510-984-2639 skype mitra_earth

Then: Visitor from London
Lives with daughter near Mullum (05/03)

Then: Visitor from London
Has lived in Gondwana since its inception, married to Amit with daughter (2000)

Then: Therapist
Now: Still a therapist, Pulsation in Pune. 6/97 ; India/Pune ; England/Taunton
Pune and Cologne;

Mudita (Muds now Amy)
Now: Custom Designer - Married
7/7/04: Amy Mudita had a little girl, It was along two days slog and everyone is very tired, but Senna, is now here, ,arriving 6pm yesterday, 8lbs 8 oz with dark hair and very long legs. with as tough a battle as her namesake Ayrton often had. Amazing, over the moon. 12 days late and we'd filled the freezer, stocked the nappy corner and nearly run out of gentle occupation to keep us busy.
Sligo, Ireland
brother: Harley mother: Amara/Nirupama

Then: In Pune in office with Laxmi and Sheela Pictures: 2
Now: Art Consultant in a gallery 12/04 Pictures: 2 3
Pukalani, Maui; +1(808)573-1593 or 661-4900 (?)

Then:, with Purvodaya 10/98
Osho Mevlana, Lot 26, Bilin Rd, Myocum, NSW2482 Australia; +61-266-843-772
son: Simone (with Dutch Niten (Garimo/Arup's brother)) daughter: Emile

Then: Married to Yogananda, Daughters Deepa (Irish) & Bria
Now: Was working at Osho International, London; 10/95

South African
Then: Cleaning

Then: Musician, came to Medina from ranch for three months
Now: Recorded a CD - Heart to Heart - last seen working at the Cafe at the center in Munich

Then: Kitchen
Now: Runs a veggie cooking business, son (6/97) 5/03
near Bangalow

Then: Record producer , with Navajata
Now: Won the "BRIT" award 96/97 (record industry something or other) 6/97
daughter: Chloe/Geeto

Ma Prem Nanda
Then: Teacher early on at Medina
Now: living in Colorado mountains, sometimes New York , still with Ashik 9/05 Pictures: 2
USA/Boulder +1-303-449-9237 ; +1-303-520-5009 (mobile) (bounces 9/10) ;

Deva Nandan

Now: Runs Kindred Spirit
Kindred Spirit, Foxhole, Dartington, Totnes, Devon TQ9 6EB +44-1803-866686

Then: Kid 10ish 5/03
near Vimal, London
mother: Vimal

Then: Construction
Now: Construction, married to Raga 5/03
West Sussex

Then: Garage , with Nagara
Now: In recording industry 5/03
daughter: Chloe/Geeto

Then: Frequent visitor, musician
Now: Recording music and doing audio restoration, living in London, worked for OCI till recently; 6/97

Neera ?

Then:, with Dhyan
Now: Colorpuncture 5/02 Pictures: 2 3
Boulder, CO ask +61-2-66-858850
brother: Veda source: Vandana

Then: South African, design studio, with the bad arm; , with Leela
Now: Was with Samapatti till he died of cancer in 95 10/95
Left their Body
son: Diva

Then: Construction; , with Alankar
Now: Broke his back and is in a wheelchair now, loves visitors. The body is still pretty paralysed in the St. John's Wood nursing home. The continual pain seems at last to be relieved by two good souls working with craniosacral and with homeopathy. This has brought enormous well being. Alankar has secured a house for them in a north london suburb and they hope to flit in August. Miten and Premal gave a benefit concert in July 02. 5/02
(12/07 pravira), still with Alankar
St Johns Wood Care Centre, 48 Boundary Road, St John's Wood, London 07950-252-342

Then: Lawyer, worked for RSI
Now: was in Indonesia for a long time, still a Lawyer and Drummer , still with Garimo 9/96
Perth, Australia; fax +61-8-314-2956

Then: Construction
Now: Has his own building company, and a son (~1987). 5/97
Nick Poborca, 23 Olema Rd, Fairfax, Marin, CA; +1(415)453-5274


Then: Therapist training
Now: Lived in Seattle for a while, then in Marin. Giving Kiniseology sessions. 7/96
in Marin?

Then: Design studio
Now: Now works primarily with womens initiatory journeys.guiding The Gift in US Australia and Erope 5/03
Byron +61-2-66-847-081

Then: Bakery
Now: office work 5/02
Von Luck Strasse 53, 14129 Berlin, Germany;

Nirav (was also Steve)
Then: Construction , with Paras
Now: Moving to Byron
Australia/Byron (bounces 9/10)

Nirav now Rosalind Koolman
Then: Sunderprem , with Amrito
Now: Left ranch with Volodya; Recently married Howard and had baby 5/96 6/97
13 Durrants Rd, Berkhamstead HertsHP4 3PF +44-1442-871850
brother: Mike & Mansoor sister: Amrito father: Robin

Then: Went to Oregon, , with Dhamo
Now: Austria
5/03 Now (as well as living in Austria) travels as part of the POL caravan

Then: Involved with Humaniversity
son: Jonathon ?

Then: Books and Tapes
Now: Was in the Berlin commune for a long time, reputed to be in New Zealand. , with Ajyo 2000
New Zealand

Nirman (was Adam)
Now: was Coordinating sculpture studio in Pune 10/96
mother: Paritosh father: Chinmaya

see Amara

3/07 no longer in Gullane, we lost him (from Punya)
Scotland (bouncing 9/10)

Sw Prem Nirvan (Ivor Lewis)
Then: Master carpenter
was at , now co-ordinator for the Osho Ko Hsuan Trust which is now closing. (04) & The son of one of the founders of the BBC and a russian princess, he was a fighter pilot in the second world war, a farmer in South Africa, a carpenter, musical instrument maker, a journalist, a teacher.... he loved the kids and teaching. Most important was for him the spiritual. He was a follower of Gurdjieff's in the fourties, and became Osho's sanyassin in the seventies. He worked for many years with a Zen master, and we had a last discussion saturday (about Zen, of course). He knew that he would not last much longer, and prepared himself for his death. Yesterday (8. Feb. 2006) he was taken to hospital, he refused to have his life prolonged artificially, and he died in the night, about 11:30. Kept his dignity to the end.. (Nishakar) Pictures: 2
Left their Body

Nisargam (Bastiaan Linschoten)
Then: sent to Europe early, left and lived in Netherlands
Now: Created a gemstone jewellery business with his girlfriend, doing well and expects to travel to asia twice a year for it.
Tuinbouwstraat 122, 1097 ZA Amsterdam, Netherlands +31-20-6949282 (bouncing 9/10)

Now: Video (did video at Medina reunion) , with Shamo 6/97
75 Dresden Rd, London N19 3BG +44-171-2635016

Then: Rebirthing, pulsing, bioenergitics.
Now:, with Rashid
daughter: Puja

Then: Healing Center;
Now: is this the same as the other Nitya 6/97
5/03 Writesbooks and runs seminars on Massage Therapy
136 North View Rd, London N8 7LP +44-181-341-3271 or maybe 263-4994
daughter: Purva

Nitya Borland
Then:, with Jayadeep
Now: is this the same as the other Nitya
England/London +44-181-778-7076

Then: Construction
Now: Has a kid (10ish?) with Smito.
Lives with her son near Nimbin or Channon
Numbim or Channon, Byron Shire, Australia

Nivedan (Chris Amos)
Then: Mum of the printshop
Now: a logistics manager for Iron Mountain data archive management c ; 11/01 playing in a band with Anahata , with Angela
Grays, Essex

see Sarani

Belgian (naturalised Irish)
Then: Photographer, took lots of photos of Osho 9/01
Nutan Photography, Parkmore, Kinvara, Co.Galway, Ireland +353-91-637533 ; +353-87-2563143 mobile ; +353-91-637033 fax ; +33-6-75673832 mobile in france"

Then: Construction 5/02
5/03 Married with kids
30 Alexandra Rd, London NW4 2SA +44-208-203-4916

Then: Construction, , with Vanya 6/97
c/o Clonhie Cottage, Tenpont, Thornhinn, Scotland DG3 4NB +44-1848-330165

Sw Pankaj
Then: Transport
1/15 Now living in Dacono Colorado. Works as a nurse. Divorced. Cancer survivor.
Dacona, CO

Paras (Ma Prem)
Then:, with Nirav 6/97
8 Coniston Rd, King Langley Herts WD4 8BU +44-1923-400156

Vicky (was Parageet)
Then:, with Volodya
Now:, with Punit 8/96
England Lives with Kamala
sister: Kamala

Then:, with Vimal
Now: Worked at GreenNet with Mitra for a while; lives mostly in Byron where he is active with the local community radio Bay FM 5/03 ; England ; Netherlands
in Netherlands and England for till July 03, then back in Byron^51
daughter: Arvind

Then: Various work, married to Chinmaya
Now: Left her body in 2002 10/02
1 Yews Farm Cottages, Odstock, Near Salisbury, Wilts SP5 4JQ; +44-1722-334-896
son: Anugyan & Ben & Nirman

Swami Anand Parmartha
Then: Teacher
Still working, though now 66, as a horticultural therapist for the Medical Foundation for the Victims of Torture. Still runs with Dharmen a small website with a somewhat radical agenda. (2/04)
9B Pemberton Terrace, London N19 5RX; +44-207-281-2560

Then: Construction, challenges with alcohol
2/2016 left his body
c/o Archa

Pee Gee
Then: A red chow, prone to snoring!
Now: Maybe he left with Sujan?

Then: Visitor ?
Now: Good carpentry and bad jokes 6/97
60 Onslow Gardens, London N10 3JX +44-181-245-8012

Then: Worked in typing
Now: Doing training at Osho Leela 6/97
23 Fortismere Ave, Muswell Hill, London N10; +44-181-9931387 Lives with Bhagawati, Prabuddho

Then: Design studio , with Diana
London +44 (0)1763 208708
Update 12/12: After leaving Medina with Diana and young Satsoma I eventually went back to advertising storyboarding in a large London agency for work and bringing up Satsoma. Married to Salli since 1991. What I remember Bhagwan telling me more than anything else was to be myself. I still regard myself as a Sannyasin. I am now a painter, here is a PDF of some of my latest work: Naked Biked Ride

Pon (or maybe Jon Pon)
Then: Kid

Poonam (now Clare Solaway)
Then: Ran Medina, Daughters Rani and Soma/Ryan
9/05 Working with AIDS patients. & 9/05 from Rani: Clare is now working in private practice and also runs a supervision training course for psychotherapists. But actually what she really wants to do is move to France with her partner (who will become her husband next June!). She is absolutely amazing and seems to get more and more attractive with age. & 12/12 from Peregrine Working for freedoms of Pakistani women in Pakistan and counselling terminal cancer patients.
London +44-20 8442 0928 (bouncing 9/10)

Then: Brandon

Then: Transport and elsewhere, 11/95
Bagland Hill, Copplestone, Devon, EX17 5NT +44-1363-84998 (or 01837-83858?)
son: Champak & Gulab

Prabhuta (now Eleri)
5/01 Living in N.Wales and has 3 kids, Ronan, Rhodri and Mali. & (leena 7/04) she's got a high powered job with the North Wales development council.

Then: Construction
Now: Managing construction for a housing authority. (3/07 from heeren)
59 Parkhurst Rd, London N7 OLR +44-7170-483330
daughter: Mallika

Prabodham (now Tez)
Then: Carpenter, had lost two fingers;
Now: Cranio-Sacral Teacher , still with Adheera 5/02
Edinburgh, Scotland +44-131-666-2774

Then: Accounts
Now: Handles book selling for Osho Purnima with Joe
9/10: I am involved with running the London Humaniversity Aum, and run Osho Meditation Days from time to time with Archan. I also do a lot of 1 to 1 Maths Tuition. I visit Osho Leela a lot and Croydon Hall for festivals.
2 Midhurst Avenue, Muswell Hill, London N10 3EN +44-7799-407-900 ; ; ; Lives with Bhagawati, Penny and maybe Nisheetha & Rashid

Pradeep (now Philip Rogers)
Then: Healing Center , with Satprem
Left his body 1-dec-2011
Left their Body

Then: Leading Vipassana groups and then Director of Meditation Academy in Pune
Now: I am living in Fairfax California with the hummingbirds, deer and my beloved Shunya, after 25 years of commune living, experimenting with His suggestions.... and love hearing from friends! , with Shunya
Fairfax, Marin (bouncing 9/10)

1a Sedgmere Ave, London N2 +44-181-442-0278

Then: First few months were spent with Scottish Yogi & Vimalesh scraping the wax off the floors. Then created the school curriculum and was Headmaster of the School and Head of the Kids department until he left for the ranch in Feb '82. , with Vimalesh
Now: I am still working for Hospice and am now a certified Diamond Approach teacher
PO Box 994, Wailuku, Maui, HI 96793; +1-808-572-0772

Then: Construction
Now: Painting, living at Gondwana , with Masta 04/02
Gondwana, Lot 1, Prestons Lane, Tyagarah 2481 (near Byron)

Pramada (now Mike Edwards)
Then: Cup-room king 9/10
He left his body when his van was hit by a runaway haybail in Sept 2010, making the papers as far away as Australia. Some videos: On the Cello 2009…improvised 3 pieces: 1; 2; 3;. The Prelude From The Second Suite by Johann Sebastian Bach; Pramada interview: Parts 1; 2; 3; 4; 5: (begins talking about Osho and Sannyas); CNN story; Pictures: 2
(was 27 Lawrence Lane, Ashburton Devon, TQ13 7DD) ;

Then: Design;
Ask Geeta
son: Thoren and Aaron (with Geeta) brother: Teertha

Then: Healing center
Now: Associated with Osho School of Mysticism in Sedona , with Bodhimitra 6/97
Guildford, Surrey
son: Krishna

Pravira (now Shanti)
Then: Shoe-maker, 12/02
4/02 been in Tiruvanamalai-India- Arunachala after papaji left body. Now for 2 years in Essex. Western world/big change/now settling and learned like everybody here to run all day and even get stressed out!, I am basically being a householder and an obsessive gardener. Sometinmes remember being a London house mama and a gardener at buddha hall, getting all ready before osho would drive for discourse. Now, I always keep it tidy, well, just as an invitation for all the Gods to come by.Its my offering to them, Osho used to call it worship. I LOOOOOOVe gardening. I suppose I made out of where i live like an ashram because thats the only way i know and the only way it comes to me, I will see how to manage, if,..., to go to india for a while each now and then to tiru of course.
5A The Tythings, Halstead, Essex CO9 1EP +44-1787475536

Pravira (now Sara Miller)
Then: Doctor & Therapist 5/97
(12/07) Been a Druid since 1994, Still works at Bristol Cancer Help Centre, past 15 years, (now Penny Brohn Cancer Care), edited American health guru Christianne Northrup's books for UK, Women's Bodies Womens Wisdom, etc., Lives in North Somerset, travels abroad alot with partner, Wilf.
Magnes Hill Farm, Haggerton, Winslow, Bucks, MK183LG; +44-1226-714837 (wrong)

Prem and Vedant (Enigma)
Then: Were they at Medina?
100 Old Christchurch Rd, Bournemouth, BH1 1LR +44-1202-316454

Then: Not clear if she was at Medina , with Rajen (Alan Lowen) in Pune 1

Premananda (now Peter Dyke)
Then: long-time sannyasin, accounts etc
9/05 no longer involved with M.O.L., lives in the back-country near San Diego,

Premdas (now Michael)
Then: Construction - master plasterer; had a number of sannyasin brothers. 5/03

Premdaya (now Jana Grossman)
Then: I lived there for nearly one year with my little daughter Sarah (then 2-3 years old).
Alte Sägemühle 3, 79117 Freiburg, Germany +49-761-3873-771

The Old School House, Dunkeswell Abbey, Honiton Devon EX14 ORT

Premdipa (now Rachel)
Then: I was in Medina in 1984/5, after having been at Gourishankar in Edinburgh for about 9 months or so. Following close down of smaller centre's, I was moved to Medina where I worked mainly in Kitchen and Body Centre. Was in relationship with Willow (Ramarshi) for some time during Ranch close down and establishment of Poona 2.
(8/04) Since 1989 based in London and worked in Humaniversity house in Crouch End with Nirmala, Jonathon and Co. Left with Atmarama (previously of Humaniversity, Netherlands) and travelled to Europe. Returned to London. Last visit to Poona was 1994 where fell ill with Hypermanic Episode. Father came out to take me home. Tragically, father died some 6 weeks after our return from Poona and sannyas sort of took a back burner. Since then have gone back to college, completed secretarial course and English/Media degree and have tried to build bridges with mother and sister, following death of father (previously Punitam). Now with BA (and consequent student debt) I have moved to Bristol where I am now living with my partner Mark, who I met whilst temping at Lloyds TSB.
England/WestCountry (bounces 9/10)

Prem Joe
Then: Recycling business, visitor
Now: Made a lot of money out of recycling used computer paper and retired to Essex.
c/o Greenwise, Vange Park Rd, Basildon, Essex; SS16 5LA +44-1268-584141; fax +44-1268-559919

Then: Cleaning

Little Prem Yogi
2/04: Now living in Glasgow but currently playing music in Spain for a few months.Anyone who remembers me can get in touch at I have attached a couple of photos -past and present!Hope to hear in particular from Prakhash. I keep in touch with Gitika,Krishno, Peter (Yatindra) and Nishi.
Glasgow 0141-424-0665

Then: doctor
Now: ???, the people in Houston might know; when Anupam was still at Chidvilas, she talked to his (German ex???) wife when she placed an order; Kareem (Ulf) who lives in Marin might know more specifics, since he lived in the same house as her.

Then: frequent visitor

Yoga Priya ("Massage" Priya)
Then: Group leader, Body Worker,
Now: doing sessions 11/95
son: Sadhu

Prem Puja
Then: Temple mum
Now:, with Sarati 6/97
Working as a councellor and also trains people to be councellors, (12/04 sorrel). Maybe still at Martin and Anne (Sujan & Vismaya)'s healing center
17 Heron's Lea, Sheldon Ave, Highgate London N6; +44-181-348-4246 Lives with Sarati
daughter: Alice & Sorrel

Satya Puja
Then: Healing Center
Now: Travelling leading Tantra groups
Based in Switzerland (bouncing 9/10)

Then: Kid
5/03 Back at Uni in London
mother: Nisheetha

Punitam Pictures: 2

Then: Kid 8ish?
Now: Married with new baby
mother: Vimal

Purnima (now Jane)

Now: Lived on a houseboat in Sausalito, probably still does ; USA/California/BayArea
Findhorn ; Sausalito, Marin
son: Sangam

Then: Kid
Now: Politically Active; Mum of Elana Pictures: 2
mother: Nitya

Then: worked in money markets. , with Mukti (Italian)
Now: Driving force behind Labyrinth publishing 6/97

New Zealand
Then: Accounts , with Madir
Now: Emigrated to Australia; very interested in Barry Long; Probably still working as a freelance sub-editor

Rago (now David)
Then: Temporary resident Medina & in Brighton commune 1982-1984 - IT consultant.
Now: David Ringsell, living in Bath, married, artist & runs IT business

Ma Prem Rago
see Sitara

Then: (and still) Electrician
3/07 semi retired, contactable via Croydon Hall (from Heeren)
+44-7811-083-540 (bounces 9/10)

Then: accounting
Now: works for Labyrinth and jetsets between London, New York, and Washington, DC; has a house in Devon 10/95
England/WestCountry LocationLocationLocation+44-1769-80295 fax +44-1769-80091

Then: Daughter with Atiraj - not clear if they lived at Medina
12 Dollis Rd, Finchley, London N31RG +44-181-371-0880

Ramarshi (was Willow)
Then: RSI, accountant, fund-raiser; 3/06
Did the original web pages etc at Osho International, then moved to Australia, where he's got a Y2K website among other projects, had a baby recently after successfully reversing a Medina-time vasectomy. (12/99) & Working as a business coach. Still in Hobart with Ratna. Our daughter Zoe is now 15. Sw Anandadas (osho's gardener) is living with us. (1/14)
247 Watsons Rd, Kettering, Tasmania 7155, Australia +61-400274548

Rani (now Shana)
Then: Kid, 10ish,
9/05 I finished university ages ago, worked in PR and marketing (before my husband saved me) and am now following in the family footsteps and training as a psychotherapist also. Still only one baby (Felix) (20 months and divine), but hope to make it two soon!
sister: Soma mother: Poonam father: Teertha

Then: Kitchen; , with Dadu
Now: was in Alaska for a while, now in Boulder
Boulder, CO

Then: Musician
Now: has become known for playing kora (African harp) and has released many CDs (some with Suvarna, Prem Joshua and Miten), played with Dr John & Nigel Kenedy as well as playing concerts and leading voice and percussion workshops. More info: and "My journey into Indian Music" 2/02
43 Connaught Gardens, London N10 3LG , , +44-1895-822030 ; +44-1895-474712 ; +44-7711-265-011 mobile ; ;
sister: Suvarna/Rachel

Prem Renuka
Now: Working as an Accupuncturist

Now: Often working at Croydon Hall 6/97
Croydon Hall, Ridhuish, Somerset TA24 6QT

Now:, still with Kavisho
7 Water Lane, Radwinter, England +44-179-959-9589 ; +44-179-959-9274 fax
son: Zaky daughter: Jaz & Heby & Thea

Rojit and Masta
Then: Parents of medina kids, trinda doesn't think they lived there

Anand Robin
Then: Red head
Now:, still with Gyanrani 6/97
2 Bonemill Cottage, Qualford, Bridgenorth, Salop WV15 +44-1746-765868

Then: Caretaker , with Bodhi Patricia (now Sunderprem) (married)
Now: Lived in Germany for a 14 years with wife Sadhana (who used to visit him in Medina); Now travelling around England in a camper 6/97
c/o Axted, Ways End, Camberley Surrey, GU15 2JU +44-468-456279 mobile
son: Mike & Mansoor daughter: Amrito & Nirav

Then: 11-13 years old
Runs the site for ex Ranch and Medina "kids" and is happily married and starting a new family with her husband in Australia/Byron.

Then: Carpentry
left his body in 87 while wind surfing on Tenerife, the canary island. went out and never came back, the ocean took him.

Ryan (was Soma)
Then: Kid, 12ish,
9/05 (from Rani): Ryan has just completed 8 years of training and is now a qualified child psychotherapist with lots of letters after her name. She is still married to Ryan, but not for long - divorce proceeding in motion! Her son (Jasper) is now almost 3.
ask Mike
sister: Rani mother: Poonam father: Teertha

see Sitara

Deva Sadhana
Then:, with Dhyan Robin
Alter Heeresweg 5, D53639 Koenigsvinter 21, Germany +49-2223-3669

Then: A kid at Medina for a while,
Now: Graduated from university, living in Cleveland OH, doing environmentalism work. 11/95
mother: Yoga Priya

Then: Kid, sent from German Commune
Lives, works and sings in Byron Bay

Sadya 6/97
5/03 Now lived in Bristol working with cancer diets (has she really gone back to Wales?)
Wales, Ravi knows address

Then: Led Groups; Wrote "Psychic Massage", and has another book "Spiritual Massage"

Then: Transport
Now: In Pune 10/96 assisting with Path of Love 10/96

12/03 My sannyas name is Ma Prem Sagara, my other name is Anja. I was in medina in 1985, then I was 8, now I am nearly 27 years I'm a Social- Worker in Dornbirn, Austria. I would like to have any contact with someone of the kids, who were there in 1985, I've never seen anyone again.
Austria (bouncing 9/10 over quota)

Then: Healing Center, , with Mahavir
Now: married; homeopath

Then: Boutique

South African
Then: Mechanic

Prem Sama / Miriam C. Wachsen
3/11: I live in Germany, Frankfurt and have two Kids Sophie (1997) and Tristan (2000), I am Lia´s little sister, I was in Medina and was about 11 or 12, later in Ko Hsuan (Our Mum is Ma Deva Vihan (she was a visitor to Medina)

Samapatti now Samapatti Anand Neeraj
Then: Design Studio;
5/03 Changed her name from Ma Anand Samapatti after Neeraj,her lover,died a few years ago. Samapatti is ex-Medina (design studio).She owns her own house in the middle of Glastonbury and runs it like a studio,having three rooms dedicated to artwork (Dream on Samapatti!).She paints,sculpts,helps Simant with his business(has a page in his catalogue),is in the middle of a postal Psychosynthesis course(in which she has raked through the entire contents of her subconcious and made little figures of all the subpersonalities she has found there!) and then,to top it all she gets up at 5am every morning,puts on a uniform and delivers letters for Royal Mail! (It must be the commune training!) The best bit thoug (to her mind) is that when she gets in from her delivery, she then does a shortened dynamic meditation every day. (Friends disagree!) Incidentally, Samapatti has a spare room that she says sannyasins are welcome to stay in if they want to check out Glastonbury Location: Englands reputation as being, as one Sufi Master puts it 'the new Religious centre of the world.' of the residents would put it (No kidding!) an open air lunatic asylum! & (12/07 pravira) Living in South Wales with Samvida and her husband. & (2009) left her body - don't have any details
Left their Body
daughter: Samvida

Samaroa 6/97
PO Box 939, Byron, NSW 2481 +61-2-66-843169 (ph&fax)

Then: In first group at Medina, Kitchen, then went to Oregon, then Queensland
Now: In England, was at reunion 6/97

Then: ran the Design studio; had a false arm;
son: John (Pon) daughter: Abighale & Marrianne brother: Devageet (Dentist) & John

Businessman Byron/Brisbane
Australia/Byron Location
daughter: Elodie

Samudra (now Samsara)
Then: used to be Poonam's assistant for a while, then at the Body Centre
Now: Married to Tanner (Anunada) for a long time.
(7/04 leena) no longer lives with Tanner and has set up home in Brighton and working hard with her new partner at their cafe The Sanctury in Hove
Funnels Barn, Nutley, E.Sussex TN22 3LG, England +44-1342-825-419 fax +44 8701 318 573
son: Damien and Phoenix daughter: Freya and Isadora

Then: Did one year training, carpenter
Now:, with Bavara 01/03

Then: Did one year therapy course
4/11 I'm now in Cornwall, living on an organic farm, with camels, making elemental wood and stone sculpture
England +44-1326 231783 ;

Then: Mechanic
9/10 I am working with Path of Love as process facilitator and leader after being trained for 15 years with Rafia and Turiya. I also work privately with psychotherapy, meditation and counselling, and run a drug and alcohol rehabilitation business called The Bay; I live in Myocum and am in a relationship with Mairead who you know from your sustainability work. Pictures: 2 3
Byron +61-2-66842277 and +61-417275005 skype john-dass facebook John Dass ; Samved^1365

Then: Acupuncturist
25sep10: Yesterday she was given two days to live by doctors. They found she had lung cancer. Apparently she has been in hospital with lung problems, but previously they said it was not cancer, maybe a fungus. So this is a bolt out of the blue. The doctors asked how she wanted to die, and she said, "Surrounded by friends." SImant called Croydon Hall, where we are at a meditation weekend to ask that we could celebrate and keep her in mind. She has friends all over the world, so I thought I would let you know too. 26sept: I heard last night (Saturday) from Simant, that Samveta had left her body that morning, even before I sent my email.... Apparently Asanga and Samvida, Asanga's daughter was there, and it was very beautiful. She had asked for the life support system to be switched off, and to be sedated.
Left their Body

Then: Kid
2003 from Samapatti: lives here with her boyfriend and works as the Company Secretary and Office Manager at an International Employment Agency here in Glastonbury.She uses Samapatti's email address. & (12/07 pravira) Living in South Wales with Husband and her mum Samapatti
mother: Samapatti; father: Asanga

Then: A kid;
Mum of Catalina (late 97) & Midwife (04)
2 Freegrove Rd, London N7 9JN +44-171-6092682 (old?) ; (bouncing 9/10)
brother: Will mother: Satyam Paritosh father: Dhyan (Construction)

Then: Flute player, ex music professor;
Now: Music teacher
brother: Geet;

Then: I was born in Poona 1, then lived in Miasto for a bit and then at Medina off and on from about '82-'84, aged 4-7.
Now living in Geneva and trying to write a novel. I have a daughter, Lilly, who's four. (9/06)
mother: Purnima / Jane father: Anand Mahant (Australian)

Then: One year course,

Then: Frequent Visitor
Now: Candle business
Byron Bay, Australia

Saoirse Sheridan
67 Eccles St, Dublin 7^616
mother: Irish Jaya

Saralo (now Amanda)
Then: Carpentry workshop
Now: Lays pretty low
5/03 Married. Devotee of Adi Da

Sarani (was Noleen)
Then: Administration
5/03 Now Lives on South coast with Prem Hari and son Finn

Sarasi (or maybe Sarassi) (was Tara)
Now:, with Manohar (was Tom)
1/03 holding White Robe (monthly evening) with Manohar. & 3/07 Family Constellation Therapist (from Heeren and Punya)
Holeland Farm, Dunsford, Exeter +44-1647-240075 ;

Then: I used to spend most of my weekends at Medina either volunteering in the garden or kitchen, or doing groups. Divyam and I used to live together, she is on your site.
These days I live in Idaho USA, and am married with three step sons. I work in theatre management and IT (two different jobs) and am also an actor for the Music theatre of Idaho. (1/04)

Then: Design studio and typsetting
5/03 Lives UK

Then: Blonde
London +44-1714-356706/7

Sarjano (now Elizabeth Dennis)
Then: Red haired; , with Gyanodeya 97
A klienien psychanalyst (2/04 - Bhagwatam)
1 Tenby Rd, Mosely Birmingham B13 9L2 +44-121-7779845
son: Bhagwatam

Sarovara (was Sw. Phil)
Then: Bar/Construction
Now: Went to Hamburg after Medina Rajneeshpuram & Pune II for therapist training, now travels as therapist to Russia, Baltics, Ukraine, Taiwan & Hong Kong

New Zealand
Then: I used to work in the printing factory at Brandon while I was at Medina, and yes, I'm back in NZ. After I left Medina in '83 I returned here for a couple of years before spending the next 10 years in Fremantle, Australia (where there's still a flourishing sannyasin community, I gather) and Winterthur, Switzerland. I returned to NZ in 1995 and have been here ever since.
4/10 I am currently living in Auckland, New Zealand, and am the father of Rei (son, 8) and Liya (daughter, 6). I work as a lecturer at a polytech and since 2008 have been a part-time resident at Osho Absurdistan, a community north of Auckland, led by Zahira, who used to lead the Sufi groups in Poona. It's very beautiful, and I'm hoping to live there at least several months a year once I retire. The frailties of the body are becoming more and more noticeable as the years go by!

Then: Came to Medina when dying of Leukemia
Left their Body

Satlok (now Naoise)
Then: Kid, living near Medina
Now: Degree in economics from LSE and is now working for an economics consultancy.
5/03 called Naoise - lives London
sister: Apara mother: Vandan

Then: Carpenter (1st six months of medina)
4/11: from Neera: Our most beloved Satgyana died this morning (27 April 2011) at 6.30am, just as simply and sweetly in the way that he lived his life. He even died sitting up as he had hoped, showing us all that he was a true yogi right to the end. I am so happy for him. He is free at last. (Osho News article Pictures: 2 3 5
Left their Body

Then: Plumber
Now: Doing Boilers; Involved with Humaniversity
London ? +44-181-444-4083

Then: 1 year training
Now: Married ??? also from the 1 year training, seen at a sannyassin rave in London 10/95

Then: 1 year training, , with Pradeep
Now: Completed training as in Acupuncture 6/97
566 Woodbine Dr, San Rafael CA94903 Marin +1-415-491-1375

Now: Was at Ko Hsuan for a while
(12/12 peregrine) Satsoma went to Ko Hsuan for a while. She went to Sussex University and did a Psychology B Sc. Soma is now a market research strategist and is engaged to be married.
father: Peregrine

Deva Satyam
Then: Headmistress
Now: Ran the music department in Pune for years, but now in publications 6/97

Satyam Susan now Satyam Paritosh
Now: Leading groups at Osho Buddhafield 12/99 Pictures: 2
Osho Life Academy, Croydon Hall, Minehead, Somerset TA24 6QT (U.K.) +44-1984-642200 fax +44-1984-640052 Sandesh (bounces 9/10)
son: Will

Satyam Shanti
Top Flat, 59 Denmark Road, Gloucester GL1 3JJ +44-1452-503670

Satyam Deva
Then: Construction 2/05
2/05, 67 and still married to Lolit (nz), Writing a book on his experiences with Depression. See an article he wrote for Viha Connection
South of edinburgh, Scotland +44-1875-320526

Now: Was at Leela, but no longer. 6/97 ; 5/02
England +44-1747-821-221

Now:, still with Devaprem

7/06 I am still running my antique jewelery business... 20 years now. am still enjoying sanyassin events,celebrations and meditations here in england.
3 Edward St, Cambridge, CB1 2LS +44-171-267-4511 (maybe old) (bounces 9/10)

Then: Glass-blower in the edinburgh center, married to Ahado; Laundry , with David Wallace (Ghaffar) & Bhajan
Now: Was de-programmed, and married the deprogrammer. They moved to Edinburgh in '97.
Edinburgh, Scotland

Shanti Subhadra
122 Marlborough Rd, London N19 4NN


Then: with Ma Prem Trishna, had a daughter together in 1980 called Ma SunderDeva
Now: Violin bow maker

Then:, with Bhajan
Now: Gardener, Marin / Maui / Byron bay

Shantih (also known as Gayan for a short while)
Then: daughter of Samaya,
Now: Flight Attendant, Musician ; (click on the old photo for a picture left-right Kusum, Sagaro, Mirjo, Shantih, Satta) 06/01
Canada +1-519-671-5405 (fax also)^2764

Then: teacher
Now: was involved in Guptadhana's Third Eye multimedia project for an interactive children's game. Living in England but moving about.
Bristol Center

Then: Jeweller

Now: Running a little farm and commune outside Perth, has a green thumb and a huge greenhouse
son: Devo & Govindo

New Zealand
Then: Commune mum then ran it after it became Rajneesh school till it closed , with Gyaneshwar
c/o Neegamber, Box 68565, Auckland 1032 New Zealand
son: Ramo

Paritosh Sindhu
Then:, with Ateet
10/04: I'm still looking back at my years in Medina with very warm feelings. The only ones I still have contact with - of course Ateet - Sakino (living here in Munich) and Agama in Italy. What I did in between - well, after all, only 20 years ago - basicaly some textile design, working in companies with english bosses, my favourite; with kids and babies, colour councelling, interiour designe Feng Shui sessions. Well, that's the way how geminis wander through life. Living here in Munich since 18 years, especially the countryside and the mountains I love about this place. Since my midlife crisis is over - about 8 years ago - live becomes more and more easy, of course not on the outside! My next project is working with Ateet, the only combination we haven't had since we know each other. Pictures: 2 4

Then: Accounts
Was in Wales for many years; Left her body Feb 2020 Oshonews
Left their Body

Yamuna (was Sabine then Ma Prem Rago, then Sitara)
Then: Kitchen, Healing Center , with Dhiraj
4/12 runs a Yoga in Daily Life Centre in Maroochydore, Queensland with husband Tyag.

Then: Printing Studio (Brandon)
Now: Video / Design / Kinesieology , still with Diana 6/97
Totnes +44-1803-862361

Soma (Black), now Soma Devi
Then: School Teacher ; from Madagascar
Now: with Papaji, 8/96 ; India/Lucknow
lives on Bali and in India

see Ryan

Somesh (Black)
Then: Guitar player,
Now: Playing Music and doing carpentry 6/97
55a Camden Sq, London NW1 9XA +44-171-4851227

Then: Rajneesh Services International
4/12: Lived in San Francisco Bay Area with Asava for several years; completed degree in Psychology, moved to Melbourne in 89, but no longer with Asava. Worked as a freelance editor for 16 years; now running a health clinic with husband Chris in Ballarat, Australia (since 2002).

Then: Kid at medina,
Now: Studying to be a teacher 6/97
12/04: I am working as a hair-dresser/engaged to Martin. Had a kidney transplant 15th January 2003. Pictures: 2
see Puja
sister: Alice mother: Puja father: Amrito


c/o Osho Risk, Boegballevej, Braedstrup, Denmark ; Denmark

Sugeet (now Ralph)
Then: poona canteen 78 - 81; kalptaru london office 81-82; medina 82-83 brandon print shop and kitchen 11/05

Then: Went to Oregon early
mother: Dhamo

Sujan (now Martin)
Then: Therapist and dancer
Now:, still with Vismaya

Sujan (Irish)
Then: Kids with Vandan
kid: Satlok & Apara

see Laura Doe

Sunderprem, was Bodhi Patricia
Then:, with Robin (married)
Now: cleaning, married to Vishrant. 1/96
77 Bosque, Fairfax, CA 94930 (Marin) +1-415-453-7661
son: Mike & Mansoor daughter: Nirav & Amrito

Supriya (now Diana)
58 malvern Rd, Crouch End, N8 0LA +44-181-881-8976


Then: Visited Medina from "upnorth" on working weekend and spent 7 months there.
Now: Now an actor, jointly organizing Enabling Theatre Company 5/02
Flat 2, 31 Market St, Hebden Bridge HX7 6EU, West Yorkshire +44-1422-844958

Then: Bar Tender
Now:, with Sue 5/97
35 Bedford Rd, East Finchley London N29DB +44-181-444-97424

Then: Argentinian, Boutique, got stuck in spain trying to come to Medina from India during the Falklands war
Now: Sedona ?

3/07 sings with her band "One Hand Clapping" (from Heeren)
Ashburton/Devon +44-15242-21948
mother: Vachana

Suriya (now Jan Day)
Then: Computers briefly (then where?)
Many years working and training with Alan Lowen (ex-Rajen). as an Art of Being teacher (Madir 03/04)

Suvarna (was Rachel)
Then: Accounting
Now: Suvarna: back in Boulder, CO after studying in Reading with Samir (husband) to do a scientific course in alternative energy, as well as developing new music project called -Infinity- with musician brother, Ravi 2/02
8621 Lefthand Canyon Drive, Jamestown, CO 80455 +1-303-938-9055^451
brother: Ravi

Svarupdas (now Rupti)
Then: I used to live near and was a regular visitor at Ashley Road the ‘party capital’ of North London circa 1979 (photo). I used to live in Munich for a number of years before I met Leena in 1984 whilst visiting Vedant. I used to live in Cornwallis Road with Renu and Nickash (?).
Now:, with Seersha/Leena

Sunder Svarupo
Then: I've lived in Medina in 1984 (after coming from Wioska in Germany). I was together with my son Veet Amo and wife Prem Kamalesh.
6/06: I'm go on working as dairy technitian. I'm working now as a industrial manager in a dairy factor in Brasil. I also give breath sessions and translate books from English to Portuguese mainly neo advaita stuff. Veet Amo than 3,5 and now 24, are musician as I am and study music at the university. I have also a dauther Ma Prem Padmini, 16. Me and Kamalesh, promote meditation groups, and produce the Satsangs of the now enlightened Sw Satyaprem (therapist in Poona till 2000) here in the inner of São Paulo. Pictures: 2
Rua Cerqueira Cesar 1097, 18960-000 Bernardino de Campos - SP, Brazil ; (bounces 9/10) ;

New Zealand
Then: Accounts, married to Anand Yogi (NZ) (split '85)
Now: Nurse, lives with Pratibodha (PB) who will open a permaculture center in Fremantle soon. 3/02
17 Waters Edge, PO Box 1015, Margaret River 6285 W.Australia +61-9-7579456

see Cyrus Bruton

Then: Was married to Vachana pre Medina, taught at Shrewsbury
6/17 Spirtual teacher - lives, works and teaches in Berlin with his beloved, a growing community of fellow travellers and two exquisite cats. He shares Satsang and offers retreats and Holotropic Breathwork. Just published a book "Mud Lotus Mystic"

Tanner (was Anunada)
Then: chartered accountant, commuted between ranch and Medina
Now: accountant and dealmaker travels between Australia and England; married to Samudra/Samsara, just moved back to Bath 5/01 ; England/Sussex
5 Weir Wood Cottages, Weir Wood, Forest Row, East Sussex RH18 5HT, England +44-1342-825-419 ; +61 415 662 356 ; +61 2 8250 2558 msgs fax +44 8701 318 573 ; +61 2 6680 9450

see Sarasi

Then: Poonam's assistant

Then: Kid
Dancing in Japan (2001) & 5/03 Living and working Byron Bay & Married and mum to be (2/04)
mother: Puja

Now:, still with Sampad
I am currently still living in Marin with Sampad - now Jeannine and traveling frequently to UK to teach - I am now a certified Diamond Approach teacher. (9/07)

Anand Tosho

Then: Mum of the Kitchen
Now: Had two kids (Leela 1992,Asha 1994) and makes beautiful pottery. Into Barry Long these days. , with Rob (was Dayal) 3/02
c/o Petra Bromham, POBox 713 Margaret River, 6281 W.Australia

Then: Construction and assistant to Chandan and then Sindhu (commune coordinators)
Lived in Byron till she left her body in 2015
Left their Body
daughter: Mallika

Pete Rimmer and then Sw Gyan Tyagi
Then: Frequent visitor, worked as hospital pharmacist , with kalba
Now: Psychotherapist, herbalist 04/04
76 Wayland Rd, Sheffield S11 8YE +44-114-2685675

Then:, with Poonam

Then: Gardening, had been married to Teijas 3/13
Left her body 6th March 2013 Pictures: 2
Left their Body

Then: Lived just around the corner from Medina, had kids (with Sujan (Irish) at Ko Hsuan.
Now: Planning to set up a stress management business 5/98
kid: Satlok & Apara

Vandana / Jane
Then: I was center leader of Gourishankar in Edinburgh and ran silk screen department and printshop (amongst other things). Pictures: 2
Now: After 16 years in Boulder, Co. as a transpersonal psychotherapist, I got a doctorate in transformational art and relocated to Seattle. Weather not good for my mental health here! Relocating again this summer, to Albuquerque, New Mexico. Currently teaching "Artlife, art for transforming our life and times", and writing a book. 5/02
Albuquerque, New Mexico
son: Bindu source: Vandana

Vandano / Lloyd Drew
Then: Photographer
Now:, with Nutana and 4 dogs (Fattie, wookie, Lucy and Mindy) 6/97
03 (from samapatti) Ex-Medina resident (Photographer and technician in the design studio)Vandano has further protected himself by now being a 2nd Dan in Akido!(Scary!) He earns his living by making sculptures of the Egyptian Gods and Goddesses and designs a local esoteric magazine called bves with and prints the cards of: MA PREM NUTANA (Nutana Parr) an aristocratic long blond haired goddess who in the last few years has begun making money selling her lovely cards of trees and Goddesses that Vandano has put out on the internet. They live just outside Glastonbury with,four little dogs,in a village where everybody seems to want to mow their lawn as soon as you go out in the garden (they say.) They would like to stress that they are not into art for therapeutic reasons,(as Simant and Samapatti are.)Vandano is into it for exploring ideas and Nutana is into it to convey her love of the Spirit of trees and the landscape.(In other words,they're not as terminally fucked up as the other two!)
4 Orchard View, Ham St, Baltonborough, Glastonbury BA6 8QH ;

Then:, with Pandit Pictures: 2
5/09 Vanya has spent the last 10 years with the live mystery school OSHODHARA. After being initiated into Divinity and learning about samadhi she experienced the ultimate experience. She now works with OSHODHARA who help other true seekers to find liberation. please visit

Then: Was married to Anahata
4/14 Just an update that I have now left the UK and am living with (or near) my daughter, who was Ma Prem Nishkam (Nishi), now Tamsyn Macdonald-Rabey, in the Dandenong Ranges on the outskirts of Melbourne. I am working as a therapist and healer and Nish is a landscape designer.
Dandenong Ranges near Melbourne, Australia
daughter: Nishi

Then:, with Mukta (Indian); Marshall arts expert
India/Pune Location

Now: She has a degenerative disease and is regularly seen on her Gopher (motorised wheelchair) and is in good cheer. 3/02
Fremantle, Australia or Outer Hebrides ?

Then: Was in construction
Now: Married to Devi (not a sannyasin), in Boulder for many years 5/02
sister: Neera source: Vandana

Vedant Yogi
Then: Carpentry / Construction
Now: Cut his hair since this photo
England Location+44-1179-711262

Then: ?
Now: married with at least 1 kid (by Ben/Bakta) 6/97 ; 10/95
1 Atherton Villas, The Grove, Totnes, Devon TQ9 5ED; or maybe Munich? +44-1803-866946

Then: Had been a medium in Pune
Now: At Osho Buddhafield in Devon 3/07 punya
Osho Life Academy, Croydon Hall, Minehead, Somerset TA24 6QT (U.K.) +44-1984-642200 fax +44-1984-640052

Then: Kitchen

Veetdharm (now Morgan Fisher)
Then: Musician, spent several months there in 1982,
Now: Moved to Japan after Ranch folded, still there, still musician, making lots of ambient albums and TV/film music.
2-9-7 Narita-Higashi, Suginami-ku, Tokyo 166-0015, Japan, +81-3-3317-1378 (voice/fax)

Veet Gyan (now Peter McCaig)
Then: Construction 8/04
8/04: Publisher and editor of Green Events Magazine and co-ordinator and executive officer of Independant News Collective - INK
14 Curzon Rd, Muswell Hill, London N10; +44-181-3652958; +44-181-8839249 house ;

25 Pages Hill, Muswell Hill, London N10 1PX (or maybe 2 Midhurst Ave, N10) +44-181-883-0859 (or maybe +44-181-444-2230) Lives with Shantidas

Then: Design studio
Now: Spent time in Sudan with famine relief, now living rurally in Northern California 7/96
Box 4973, Santa Rosa CA 95402, USA +1(707)431-2941

c/o 26 Belham Rd, Kings Langley, Herts, WB4 8BY +44-1923-400223

Vijay (now Sam)
American ?
Then: Kid (about 12ish?)
c/o Masta, 6 Wattleway, Trevallyn 7250, Tasmania, Australia
brother: Sanjay (twin?)

Then: Construction
6/11: After medina, did some carpentry, then Gravel-tennis groundsman (6 years) and now, being an early bid, I work as a breakfast chef in a 5-star hotel in Amsterdam where I also live.

Then: Musician
Now:, with Jyoti, two kids 6/97
26 Conniston Rd, London N10 +44-181-4421955

Now: Still looking after kids 1/96
115a Willingdon Rd, London N22 +44-181-881-1477
son: Nataraj & Purnam daughter: Arvind

Then:, with Prakash
Now: Died of AIDS in London in '94
Left their Body

Vismaya (now Ann Geraghty)
Then: Therapist, Poonam's right-hand person,
Now: Was running a healing center in Kentish Town. Now moving to a remote farmhouse in Snowdonia. , still with Sujan/Martin 6/97
07: Wrote a book "In the Dark and still moving" about her time with Osho
son: Yogesh/Tim

Viyog Gilbert
Then: Therapist at Healing Center
166 Alexandra Rd, London N10 2ES +44-181-444-8686


Then: Violinist, Russian, married to Parageet
Now: Left Ranch with Nirav, don't know where now
43 Connaught Gdns; London N10 3LG +44-181-442-0273

Then:, with Somesh Pictures: 2

Now: Artist daughter Sky born 26 Sept 99
sister: Sandesh mother: Satyam Susan/Paritosh father: Dhyan (Construction)

Then: Accounting
Now: was Accounting at Osho International but gone to New Zealand. , with Farida 5/02
New Zealand +64-7-549-2077

Then: Musician, accounts?
Now: - I'm now living in Totnes,doing Singing for Fun classes and Osho Neo-Reiki.
In Asburton (3/07 from punya); & 9/10 Osho Neo Reiki Master; Osho Meditation Facilitator; Bowen Technique Practitioner (ECBS)
maybe via Osho Life Academy, Croydon Hall, Minehead, Somerset TA24 6QT (U.K.) +44-1364-654-732 ; +44-787-161-1692

Yatri and Navyo
Then: Were they at Medina?
Skylands, Five Acres, Charmouth, Dorset, DT6 6BE +44-1297-561014

Yogi (big scottish)
Then: Sales Person for Sun Design and good barman
Now: In San Jose somewhere, Yogananda knows where

Anand Yogi
New Zealand
Then: Construction ? , with Swabodhi (NZ)
Now: Telephone Technician 3/02
Fremantle, Australia

Then: About 17, Design studio
Now: Photographer at Sothebys auction house 10/95
4 Lidyard Rd, Upper Holloway, London N19 5NR; +44-171-281-4582

Then: Computers etc, Irish Mukta's ex.
Now: Spent a lot of time in Pune, now in Marin. 6/97
202 Meernaa Ave, Fairfax CA 94930, Marin; +1-415-460-1745
daughter: Deepa & Briya

Yogesh (now Tim Guest)
Then: Kid at medina;
Studied psychology at Sussex Uni. Published a book on his time at Medina - see the extract on his site.. & 8/09 passed away
Brighton ; ;
mother: Vismaya father: John (went to California)


Who is this #6
Then: Visitor

Who is this #7
Then: Visitor

Who is this #20

Who is this #21

Who is this #24
Then: Visitor , with Vandano (briefly)

Who is this #26

Who is this #32

Who is this #41

Then: One Year course, Swedish
Now: In Marin

Norwegian ?
Then: Visitor

Who is this #56 - its suggested it could be Degant (then Roger)
Then: Rebalancer ?

Who is this #1
Then: Ran transport for a while, was overweight
Now: Lost lots of weight, running a taxi company outside Cambridge 11/95

Then: Lived near Medina
mother: Giteka

Some people asked not to be listed in here

Abha, Gyanesh, Navajata, Rabia, Yamuna (was Sabine then Ma Prem Rago, then Sitara), Vijay (now Sam),
Alima, Amitabh, Dhyan Arpano, Atharva, Chitten (now Robert), Deepa, Dhiraj, Geetesha, Heather, Laura Doe (was Sumati), Leela, Makarand, Manan, Mark (Carrot Top), Martin, Mohani, Moti, Muktigandha, Nadine, Nirado, Nirav (was also Steve), Nityama, Param, Pramad, Rupda, Sadvi, Samaroa, Sambuddha, Samved, Santosh, Saralo (now Amanda), Tanner (was Anunada), Tarang,
Sarani (was Noleen),
Amrito (Ma), Deeva,
Asava, Chando, Ramarshi (was Willow),
Soni, Varta,
Anatta (Deva), Devo, Garimo, Neerava, Swabodhi, Tova, Vasundhara, Anand Yogi,
Nirdosh, Sagara,
Soma (Black), now Soma Devi,
Sw Prem Anang, Sunder Svarupo,
Marrianne or Viragini, Deva Nandan, Prem Renuka, Samayo, Shantih (also known as Gayan for a short while),
Premdas (now Michael),
Ahado, Angela, Anugyan, Arpana David, Avinasho, Bhavia, Bodhisattva (Tony Parsons), Bodhimitra / Malcolm, Bodhigito, Buddhen / Martin Jones, Chaitanya, Chandan, Chandra, Sw Chandrama, Chloe (now Geetu), David Wallace (was Ghaffar), Diana, Ma Dwara, Geet (now Philip Gellhorn), Gisela, Gulab, Gyanrani, Jyoti, Kavisho, Khoji, Madhukar, Mahavir (now Luke Ball), Nagara, Nirav now Rosalind Koolman, Nivedan (Chris Amos), Pandit, Paras (Ma Prem), Vicky (was Parageet), Param, Peregrine, Pratibha, Pravira (now Shanti), Pravira (now Sara Miller), Prem and Vedant (Enigma), Prem Joe, Purnam, Purva, Ritama, Anand Robin, Robin, Ryan (was Soma), Samaya, Samvado, Sargama, Sarjano (now Elizabeth Dennis), Satsoma, Satyam Shanti, Satyo, Sorrel, Sujan (now Martin), Sudhiro, Suriya (now Jan Day), Vedant Yogi, Vibhava, Will, Yatri and Navyo,
Ma Yoga Aradhana, Ma Prem Archa, Arifa (now Rebecca), Majid,
Vedant Yogi,
Anahata, Chitra, Jayen, Madir, Shabda, Who is this #1,
Habiba (or Jean Blackall), Nisheetha,
Leena (now Seersha O'Sullivan),
Bhavit, Dhyano,
Alankar, Alice, Alok John, Amara (was Nirupama), Anubhava (now John), Apara, Atharva, Atiraj (now Brian), Bhadra (now Liz), Bhagawati, Chaitanya (Robin Puttick), Diva (now Mark Itzler), Deepa (now Dipa), Devaprem, Devadasi (now Rika), Dominic, Harley, Jayananda, Majid, Majida, Manartha, Meru, Mukta, Nataraj, Navio, Neeraj, Nishabda, Nitya, Nitya Borland, Omkar, Swami Anand Parmartha, Peetamber, Penny, Poonam (now Clare Solaway), Prabodham, Prabuddho, Pragito, Prem Puja, Rajen, Rajhansa, Rani (now Shana), Ravi, Sahajo, Sandesh, Sarita, Satlok (now Naoise), Satgyan, Satprem, Savita, Shanti Subhadra, Somesh (Black), Supriya (now Diana), Suresh, Vandan, Veet Gyan (now Peter McCaig), Veeten, Vikas, Vimal, Viyog Gilbert, Volodya, Yogi,
Pete Rimmer and then Sw Gyan Tyagi,
Antar Hafiz (now Hafiz Landell),
Yoga Bowers (was Yoga Christopher),
Mallika (was Eek), Navajat, Samudra (now Samsara), Tanner (was Anunada),
Abhar, Achintya, Amano, Artho (now Michael Gill), Arvind, Asho, Shantam Bayari, Champak, Clive and Lucy, Dharmananda, Divia (now Lily), Geeta, Hamido, Heeren, Islam, Kamala, Naren, Prabhat, Prateek, Premdeepa, Premdipa (now Rachel), Rajen, Sarasi (or maybe Sarassi) (was Tara), Sharna, Someshvara, Surabhi, Vandano / Lloyd Drew, Vedantama, Yatro,
Amitabh, Rikto, Satyam Susan now Satyam Paritosh, Veena,
Durga (was Andrea), Premdaya (now Jana Grossman), Deva Sadhana,
Niranjana, , Teijas,
Gyanodeya (now Michael),
Veet Ateet, Nadama, Sakino, Paritosh Sindhu,
Soma (Black), now Soma Devi,
Aneesha, Chittendra, Darshan, Dominic, Chaitanya Keerti, Moumina, Sagar, Deva Satyam, Vasant,
Mudita (Muds now Amy), Nutan, Rojit and Masta, Saoirse Sheridan,
Sw Prem Agama, Anugit,
Abighale, Sw Amrito (now Derek Hawkins), Andrew, Anugito, Anuragini (now Janet), Apurvo, Ben, Chinmaya, Dharmen (now Brian), Diana (Ma Prem), Divyam, Geha, Kristan, Neeraj, Sw Prem Nirvan (Ivor Lewis), Paritosh, Pradeep (now Philip Rogers), Pramada (now Mike Edwards), Samapatti now Samapatti Anand Neeraj, Samveta, Saten, Satgyana, Simant, Trinda, Vachana, Vimalesh, Yogesh (now Tim Guest),
Marin and Byron Bay
Anuraga, now Nina, Atmo, Devam Peter, Sw Deva Geetam, Nisargam (Bastiaan Linschoten), Param, Vijay,
New Zealand
Bakta, Ishwara, Nirmala,
Kabba, Sindhu, Yashen,
Chaitanyo Sunder, Homa, Vasant,
Amiten, Amrit (now Peter), Sw Deva Geetam, Ishta (was Adheera), Nirupdas, Prabodham (now Tez), Little Prem Yogi, , Puroshottam, Satyam Deva, Shakura,
Amara (was Nirupama),
Deva Priya, Mandiro,
Asha, Shantideva,
Satya Puja, Sangam,
Abhinandan, Prem Anupam, Anand Anupam, Ashik (was Deva Peter), Bindu, Ma Prem Nanda, Neera, Sw Pankaj, Yoga Priya ("Massage" Priya), Raso, Suvarna (was Rachel), Veda,
Amrito (Ma Shanti), Ania, Kuba, Mitra, Premananda (now Peter Dyke),
Abhinandan, Alla, Dadu (now Phil), Dhyan (Alistair), Karina, Lia MayByrd (was Phulo), Mahendra, Mallika, Mano, Nick, Nikhilananda, Pradeepa, Puroshottam, Purvodaya, Satprem, Sunderprem, was Bodhi Patricia, Tejomaya, Veetmoha, Yogi (big scottish), Yogananda, #43,
Yoga Anurag, Mukta, Prakash, Sangeet, Shantideva,
Ma Anand Jagrutti,
Aseem, Cheshta, Dharmena, Kai,
Vandana / Jane,
Anutosho, Surabhi, Taranga,
Abilasha, Anjelica Baier, Anugit, Asava (Ma), Bhajan ( Ma), Bhavarto, Deven, Dhamo, Govindo, Ma Hadya, Jaya, John (Pon), Jonathon, Kallika, Kamala, Krishna Prabhu, Lisa, Madhumaya, Madiro, Neera ?, Nijesh, Nirmala, Nirman (was Adam), Pee Gee, Prabha, Priti, Puja, Punitam, Sagarpriya, Sam, Sanmarti, Shantidassi, Shripatti, Sugeet, Sutra, Udbodah, Veera, Viyogini, Weechee, #16, Who is this #6, Who is this #7, Who is this #20, Who is this #21, Who is this #24, Who is this #26, Who is this #32, Who is this #41, #46, Who is this #56 - its suggested it could be Degant (then Roger),
Asanga, Prabhuta (now Eleri), Vismaya (now Ann Geraghty),
West Ireland