Step by Step
on tour in 2005 and 2006

Navanita will be available for events and individual sessions before and after each group


Neeten wrote this poem, about 15 years ago. MOVING AT EASE

Sometimes it feels like it wasn't enough cause you're
sitting on a rock
Take alook and see that this rock is not me
Your eyes melt the rock like the sun
The ice and the wind you thought so stormy moves your
body like the leaves of a tree
Yes , my friend and wild waters floating through,
and this little fool still sitting as being in school!!
So , finally, a beat, a fire, a burn
Suddenly , the turn
Here, he is !
Moving at ease....

Here's an article I wrote - Remember the Body - An Embodied Mystery, and an interview and articles in German from the OTI in April 2004 and Feb 2005

Descriptions of the Groups, the Training and sessions

Sharings by some of the participants

Two videos are available if you email me: A stretch video; and "Step by Step into NOW, Dancing with LIFE" where I'm speaking about the work and dancers demonstrating . It is a Very beautiful, a taste of the essence of this Play of Dancing with life.

For many of the events above, I have listed the dates of the main groups, often I give evening or one day events as well, since many of these are organized at short notice, they may not make it to this web site in time, so call the contacts listed nearer the time to check what else is happening

I'm also available for individual sessions, again contact the people listed below for bookings.

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