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For up-to-date information on the OSHO scene in the Pacific NorthWest, please call the Osho Hotline:

(206) 287-9779

Welcome to OSHO Northwest


OSHO Northwest serves as an information node on the world wide network of Osho energy, with a focus on the Pacific Northwest of the North American continent. Here you will find out information on the Osho scene in the Portland, Seattle, Vancouver, and surrounding areas, as well as connection points for other Osho sites on the Web. This includes special and regularly scheduled events, meditations, and celebrati ons.

At a Glance

Regularly Scheduled Events

Special Events

If you would like to have your party or event announced on this site, e-mail us or submit the details (and a way to contact you so we can verify the information) i n the space below.

Osho Telephone Hotline

For up-to-date information on the Seattle area sannyas scene by phone, you can call 206.287.9779. What's really cool is that you can send information to Lee, one of the "Keepers of the Sacred Hotline" (Pradip and DA also run it) by e-mail. So...

Community Bulletin Board

The Community Bulletin Board is a place where you can let the world know about living spaces offered or sought, goods and services, or events that you might be involved in which don't fit into the Special Events and Regular Events sections above.

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